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Empower the Enterprising Strength of your Family

Does your family run a business? If so, your family enterprise is one of more than 880,000¹ in Canada employing 6 million² people and accounting for a 60% contribution to Canada’s GDP³. As you can imagine, your family enterprise is critical to Canada’s economic and social well-being.

If your family runs a first, second, or even third generation enterprise, unlike other businesses you may face both head and heart issues which can affect planning and decision-making. You may need guidance on strategic succession plans, assistance with generational transitions, educational programs to assist you or other family members build their knowledge and skills, and support from family enterprise experts and peers. How do you handle all this when emotions and family history are a part of the relationship between family members within the business? Separating personal from business issues can be a difficult obstacle unless you equip yourself and your family members with the knowledge and skills to help address them, and strengthen both the family business and family relationships in tandem.

The Family Enterprise Xchange (FEX) is an organization that was created just for families like yours. It empowers enterprising families, and your professional advisors, with a unique blend of shared wisdom and experience and the world’s best, leading-edge thinking and knowledge so that your family and its business can succeed and flourish.

FEX can provide your family with the skills – through global best practices, tools and resources – to propel your enterprise to greatness and navigate your journey, in a trusted community of like-minded peers. This sponsor-free environment is your family’s safe harbour where you can share insights with an engaged and supportive community.

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